It's easier to Grow Visibility Influence People Build Authority with a POWERFUL BRAND.

It's easier to Grow Visibility Inspire People Build Authority
with a

What does it take to build a powerful brand and stand out in a crowd?

What parts of your story makes the maximum impact? How can you reframe the events of your life into a powerful narrative? What parts of your story should you skip?

Too Overwhelming? Let’s figure it out, together.

Create Powerful Impressions

Craft an opening narrative about yourself that is creative and which draws people to you and ignites interactions

Influence Key Decisions

Build authority in relevant places and be consulted on all key decisions in that setting

Mitigate Distortions

Ensure absolute clarity while communicating your ideas and thoughts without causing ambiguity or friction with your audience

Drive Excellence

Turn your infinite potential into immense opportunities that motivate people and organisations to work with you 


Key Sessions Offered

I have curated below a set of interactions that have seen the most success with people that I have worked with.

Choose the one that fits you best!

Professional Dynamics

Are you looking to create a powerful brand at your workplace? Do you want to get he visibility that you deserve? Let’s connect and understand how we can get you from here to there?


Discover how you can create a powerful impression in a public forum with your existing background. Uncover what additional skills and efforts to invest in that will create the strongest narrative for you.


Wondering how to navigate out of limiting beliefs, distortions and inertia,  to make the decisions that give you infinite potential? Well, let’s gets started and figure it out together!

The 1% Club

Are you a high achiever or a person with an infinite ambition? Do you like to be challenged so that you are at your best self, always? Then this session is for you. 

The 7/10 Session

Make the right choice when finding a partner is tricky – whether it be in your workspace or while starting a new venture. Decode the secret behind people who build successful relationships.

100 Days +/-

The first 100 days before and after any new commitment is crucial for your personal brand. Navigate effortlessly, navigate right – with this tried and tested mantra for driving maximum visibility and building authority.

Not Sure about which session
is right for you?

About The Coach

Bibin George, a powerhouse in academia, a trailblazing marketing leader across enterprises, and a certified NLP practitioner. With an illustrious career spanning over 13 years across product management and marketing strategy, Bibin has left an indelible mark on numerous institutions that he ahs engaged with, impacting the lives of over 1000 professionals and students through his transformative mentoring and coaching.

For Bibin, life is about living it on the edge, pushing boundaries, and inspiring those around him to embrace their fullest potential be it their career, their relationships or even taking a vacation.

Whether it’s cultivating a growth mindset, mastering interpersonal dynamics, or navigating tough decisions, Bibin is the guiding force you need.

In his riveting sessions, Bibin blends the wisdom of NLP, emotional intelligence with a generous dose of humor and relatable anecdotes from everyday life to drive actionable results.

Our happy customers

We’ve helped thousands of people move

Dr. Nadeem Ahmed

Forbes 30u30 | McKinsey & Co.


It’s very rare to find someone who is genuinely interested and passionate about your growth, especially at a time when many are falling prey to the so-called self-acclaimed Mentors and Life-Coaches; people who have very little real-world experience themselves. What’s even more scarce, is a person who could help you re-discover yourself and break free from the self-defined comfort zones & limitations. These are the exact qualities I found in Bibin sir – completely unadulterated, no f***s given mindset, backed by pure & honest feedback. He was not the mentor I wanted, but the one I needed.

Siuli Mondal

PwC India


From writing the perfect sops, getting familiar with the basics of economics, law, and banking, to becoming self-aware and developing the much-needed self-confidence, every part of the journey was overwhelming, but with the experienced and supporting mentors like Bibin sir, the entire grooming process became so much enriching and smooth. And I learnt a lot about getting past my fears and understanding my worth. And the most amazing part of being a student of him was his unlimited support, availability, and faith in us.

Ridhima Bahl



Bibin sir brings a fresh perspective to everything. He makes you approach problems with a rational, fact backed mindset, such that you start gaining a new outlook to things- even from a short mentoring session. His educational sessions are also super informative, and he knows what is the right pace to take while teaching and mentoring.

Ranjith PC

H&H Legal Partners


You have really got me fired up. When you had initially mentioned about how some of your clients got inspired, I wasn’t convinced. But man! you have got that fire of clarity in you.

It's amazing what you can achieve with a little Push

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